Smart home tech can help prevent/detect a fire in your home and help minimize damage with early notification. Here are some new smart home technologies to help you

A handful of complementary smart devices could help prevent and/or detect a fire in your home, while minimizing even more serious damage by notifying you earlier. While traditional smoke detectors are designed to alert people inside the home of a fire so everyone can evacuate safely, some of the following smart devices can also provide alerts to you on your mobile device, and to the fire department, even if you are miles from home.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Unlike normal smoke detectors, smart smoke detectors can provide you with alarm notifications on your smartphone. They can also be wired into your home security system and monitored by a central station to alert you and the fire department of an alarm. When they detect the presence of smoke particles in the air, they can be arranged to shut down your air handling systems to help prevent the spread of smoke while people safely evacuate the home. Some systems can also turn on lights and offer spoken directions about what to do in case of a fire.

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